Valentino's Hair Salon
 Wilton Mall Saratoga, New York

Valentino's Hair Salon Price List

If you don't see a service listed here.  Call 518-587-9369 and speak to a stylist directly

Women's Hair Cut (trim, same style) $14.00
Women's Hair Cuts (change of style) $20.00
Bang Trims $6.00
Shampoo and Blow Dry $16.00
Shampoo, Cut and Blow Dry $23.00
Shampoo, Cut, Blow Dry and Flat Iron $28.00
Flat Iron (no other service) $14.00
MEN'S Hair Cut $13.00
Men's Wash and Cut $16.00
Flat Top $15.00
Men's Hair Color (short hair, above the ear) $25.00
Ultra Fade (Norelco) $15.00
Ultra Fade (Razor)


Hair Cut w/Beard Trim $18.00
Hair Cut w/Face Shave $21.00
Just Face Shave $13.00
Full Head Shave $20.00
Full Head & Face Shave $28.00
Childrens Hair Cut (10 and under) $11.00
Childrens Shampoo and Hair Cut $14.00
Childrens Shampoo, Hair Cut, Blow Dry $20.00
ETHNIC Wash Blow Dry, Set or Wrap $25.00
ETHNIC Wash, Cut, Blow Dry, Set or Wrap $30.00
ETHNIC Wash, Blow Dry, Flat Iron $35.00
ETHNIC Wash, Cut, Dry, Flat Iron $40.00
ETHNIC Flat Iron (no other service) $15.00
ETHNIC Relaxer (full head) $65.00 (and up)
ETHNIC Relaxer Retouch (no more than 2") (does not include cut) $50.00
Deep Conditioning Treatment $14.00
Perms (wash, cut and blow dry incl) $60.00 (and up)
Spiral Perms (wash, cut and blow dry incl)

$80.00 (and up)

Chemical  Straightener (not keratin) $60.00
Color (same calor all over) $50.00 and up
Color Retouch (no more than 2" of roots) $45.00
Color (Wash Out) $35.00 and up
Toner $35.00
Color Correction Must Be Seen
Hiliting (foil) $80.00 and up
Hiliting (Cap $58.00 and up
Hiliting, Top and Sides Only $58.00 and up
Extnsions (fusion or glue in only) $50.00 per hour
Dreads and Retwists $50.00 per hour
Extension Removal $25.00 per hour
French Braid $15.00
Keratin Brazilian Streightening (formaldehyde free) $200.00 and up
Keratin Brazilian Straightening (with formaldehyde) $250.00 and up
Keratin Conditioning Treatment (Paul Mitchell)


Keratin Shampoo and Blow Dry $18.00

Keratin Shampoo, Cut and Blow Dry

Up Do's, Wedding, Prom Styling $35.00 and up
Waxing (eyebrow, lip or chin) $10.00
Waxing (eybrow AND lip or chin) $18.00
Waxing (eybrow, lip AND chin) $22.00
CHI Enviro Smoothing System (monday - friday only) $99.00
CHI Enviro Smoothing System Saturday and Sunday $150.00